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Mr. Bindra is always passionate as ever and he has really enlightened many of us by creating some kind of purpose not only in training program but also in life

Mr. Ratan Aggarwal, Head HR motivational speakers

I really liked the program very much, especially Vivek’s insight related to Bhagavad Gita. He amazingly connects Bhagavad Gita with current management principles which not only makes it relevant but appeals you to the very depth of your heart

Mr. Sanjay Parashar, Head HR motivational speakers

I am associated with Mr. Bindra from the last 4 years. He has been helping us a lot in terms of delivering trainings and bringing a lot of new concepts of motivating people in the leadership team.

Mr. Abhay Kapoor, Associate VP motivational speakers

Mr. Bindra is quite engaging and thought provoking that will make you think that if we are going in the right direction and then maybe implement those things in our organization for the benefits.

Mr. Sreeni S Warrier, General Manager HR motivational speakers

Vivek Bindra is a power house, he is an Excellent Motivator, He is like a thousand-watt bulb. The concern with his trainings is that you become addicted to him. Mr Bindra is an addiction

Mr. NeeraJ Gulathi, Managing Director motivational speakers

I am proud of my association with Vivek Bindra JI. He has been a great motivator, guide, philosopher and mentor. And he has been a great force to reckon with, as far as Rotary is concerned. And I think we are really grateful to have been associated with Bindra Ji and I wish him all the success

Mr. Sudhir Mangla, Governor motivational speakers

I had attended Mr. Vivek Bindra’s program and I must say he is one of the most inspirational, motivational talented speaker I have ever come across. I I wish him success for his future endeavors

R. K Dua, M.D. motivational speakers

In my 20 years’ of my carrier, first time I have seen such kind of Power Packed Motivational Management Program and which is very good for me.

Mr. D. K Patel, DGM motivational speakers

Very Inspiring! And what I like in Mr. Bindra’s program is that his programs are very much interactive that includes lot of exercises. It is the best I have ever attended

Mr. Kasim Saheb, Managing Director motivational speakers

Mr. Bindra’s program was very wonderful and it makes a lot of sense also. I was able to relate myself with Mr. Bindra word by word because training is just 10 or 20 percent, beyond that what you do when you build the capability that is where the actual difference comes in and this was the session all about. It was wonderful

Mr. Jaiveer Singh, Head – T & D motivational speakers

The Training Program conducted by Mr. Bindra deeply inspires and motivates the entire team. His programs are extremely energetic and enthusiastic.

Dr. Preeti Shukla, Head HR motivational speakers

We have got a huge reference of Mr. Bindra’s organization Global ACT. His programs at all the levels are very well received and the experience of having him is astounding.

Mr. Ishan Mehta, Vice President motivational speakers

The way Mr. Bindra approaches his programs and engages the audience is something I had never seen in the past. His programs are excellent and we are l looking forward to more.

Mr. MM Singh, Director & COO motivational speakers

It’s has been 2 years of my association with Mr. Bindra and we had a wonderful experience with him. He has been a great person. His organization Global A ACT has been an organization of very skilled people and are highly professional. I strongly recommend Mr. Bindra for various trainings in different companies. He can be a good value addition to any organization

Mr. Vikas Agarwal, Director motivational speakers

It is interesting to hear Mr. Vivek Bindra and after listening to him, somewhere I feel that I can be a future CEO. The way he imbibes the fact, that how are you going to correct yourself is really amazing

Mr. Lokesh Sikka, Director HR motivational speakers

I never thought that somebody will come in this world and he will connect the Bhagavad Gita to Management principles in Corporate Life. And this is really unique. I always listen to all his YouTube videos as and when they are uploaded. I feel so proud of his work.

Mr. Sandeep Batla, CEO motivational speakers

It is always so fantastic listening to Mr. Vivek Bindra. His programs are Very motivational and inspiring. It is always so fantastic listening to Mr. Vivek Bindra. His programs are Very motivational and inspiring It is always so fantastic listening to Mr. Vivek Bindra. His programs are Very motivational and inspiring

Mr. Himanshu Seth, Manager HR motivational speakers

I find Mr. Bindra’s session very power pack that impacts us and our organization also. I recommend others also to attend this type of program

Mr. Nagesh Gupta, Divisional Head Supply Chain motivational speakers

Vivek is not only a motivational speaker but a spiritual soul who can reenergize your mind, body & soul. I can say this with guarantee as he has been my student and I’ve watched him very closely..

Dr. Gurinder Singh Ahuwalia, Group Vice Chancellor motivational speakers