This is how we help you Succeed!

Every Flagship Program goes through 100% customization.

  • We work along with your team to understand your requirements
  • The diagnostics are conducted by a qualified team of learning interventionists
  • The team includes content writers, content editors, content designers, instructional designers, video editors, visual merchandisers and other creative artists
  • The diagnostics tools can range from questionnaires to interviews, from profiling to observation, from focus groups to group discussions followed by analysis
  • We brainstorm on those areas that we need to observe and evaluate
  • We identify the learning gaps
  • The instructional goals and objectives are established
  • The learning environment and learner's existing knowledge and skills are identified
  • We identify the evaluation techniques, develop the exercises and analyze the content
  • Each sub step is followed with a great attention to detail
  • We assemble and develop the content created in the design phase
  • The content is reviewed and revised according to the client feedback (if any)
  • We focus on delivering interventions that do not depend purely on Trainer charisma
  • All our interventions are innovative and based on adult learning
  • The trainers focus on enhancing the competencies and closing effectiveness gaps
  • In this step, the needle movement is evaluated through a LEMS (Learning Effectiveness, Measurement, System) Report
  • Various tools from questionnaire to observation etc is used
  • All interventions have a follow up plan
  • Learning Effectiveness is assured through the sustained intervention design