Know more about Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a thought leader, a motivational speaker, leadership trainer and a business Coach. He specializes in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential. As a keynote speaker, millions of people have benefitted from his energetic workshops worldwide. He is a trusted advisor for over 1500+ corporates and a pathfinder to various entrepreneurs and other top notch business entities. He has also been an Inspirational Pathfinder to various high-profile entrepreneurs and other top notch business entities providing Leadership excellence for taking their organizations to the next level. He has been instrumental in providing CEO coaching to over Top 100 CEOs in the country. He has been conferred with the Best Leadership Trainer in Asia Award by Marshall Goldsmith at World HRD Congress.

Golden Book of World Records encrypted Dr. Bindra’s name, for training the largest gathering of HR professionals under one roof.

Dr. Bindra through his prolific writings is helping people to Bounce BackTM in life and to be more successful. He is an author of many high power motivational books.

He sets a world record of being the World’s No. 1 Leadership & Entrepreneurial Channel on YouTube with a subscriber base of more than 8 Million and a viewership of 330 Million. His videos are immensely popular in over 190 countries.

On the auspicious ceremony of India’s Greatest Brand & Leaders – Pride of the Nation Award, World Leadership Federation awarded Dr. Vivek Bindra with the honorary title of “Think Tank of Corporate Asia”.

founder & CEO - global ACT

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a revolutionary entrepreneur and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. Along with this, he is the founder of "Global ACT", an academy for consulting and training, with an objective to provide services that match client needs and expectations. Our client list includes top names of Automobile, Manufacturers, Hospitality, Retail, Banking, Technology sectors and many more.

trusted advisor

Dr.Vivek Bindra is a trusted advisor for more than 500+ corporate houses and entrepreneurs specializing in providing sensible business enhancement intelligence for growth and success.

motivational & keynote speaker

Dr.Vivek Bindra is continuously in spiritng and encouraging individuals to realize their true potential. He has enthralled lakhs of audiences across the world with his charismatic aura. His electrifying energy levels multiply engulf the enthusiasm of his listeners.

Awarded as best corporate trainer by Maruti Suzuki

Dr.Vivek Bindra has been awarded as the Best Corporate Trainer by Maruti Suzuki for two years in a row.

Leads a unique flagship program

Dr.Vivek Bindra leads the revolutionary six-month Leadership Funnel program, which is based on the challenges, nitty-gritties and alterations required to run a successful business organization in today’s world. Further, the program is based on the principles of ancient Vedic sculpture- Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta.

Author of 10 High power motivational books

Dr. Vivek Bindra has written more than 10 power motivational books, with more than lakhs of copies sold. From leadership to inspirational sales stories, Dr. Bindra has pen down his learnings and experiences magnificently. His books are available at all leading online platform as well as bookstores across the country.

Videos are being viewed in 190 Countries on YouTube

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s high motivational videos have million viewers from 190 countries. Further, his Youtube channel has around 25 lakh subscribers across the Globe.

the best motivational speaker in india

Dr.Vivek Bindra has been awarded as the best motivational and keynote speaker in India by the ‘International Association of Lions Club. This is one of the recognitions among many others been conferred upon him.

Acclaimed Leadership Trainer & CEO Coach

Dr.Vivek Bindra is an internationally acclaimed leadership trainer and a CEO coach. He has successfully provided coaching to various industrial leaders, which, has further helped them in achieving their career goals and achievements.

Honored with The Rotary Excellence Award

Dr.Vivek Bindra is the driving force behind thousands of individuals through his power-packed speeches and motivational lectures. He has been awarded with the Rotary Excellence Award for his remarkable work.

Millions of followers worldwide

Dr.Vivek Bindra has millions of fans and friends across the globe, which inspires him to deliver the best each day. He has helped many individuals to live their lives in more meaningful ways through his motivational videos.

World Record Training for Largest Gathering of HR Professionals

Dr. Vivek Bindra has set a world record of training largest gathering of HR professionals under one roof across all business domains. The event was registered in the ‘’Golden Book of World Records.’’

Recognized with India’s greatest brands and leaders 2015-2016

Dr.Vivek Bindra has been felicitated with India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2015-16 Award in a ceremonial function hosted by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

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