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About Mr. Vivek Bindra

Founder & CEO Global ACT:

Mr.Vivek Bindra is a revolutionary entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, leadership consultant & CEO Coach who set up his dream Organization “Global ACT” ™, which is a highly evolved Training and consulting Organization since 2011 and is steering the organization to new heights of excellence.

Trusted Advisor:

Mr. Vivek Bindra has been a trusted advisor for over 500 corporates to several high profile entrepreneurs, businessmen, corporate houses and top notch business entities providing critical and sensitive business improvement intelligence for growth and success.

Motivational & Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Bindra has continually inspired and motivated over 6, 00, 000 people in their daily lives, and has helped them realize their true potential. He has enthralled and captivated thousands with his charismatic persona and unmistakable charm. His electrifying energy levels levitates the enthusiasm and engagement index of the listeners manifold.

Awarded as best corporate trainer by Maruti Suzuki:

Mr. Vivek Bindra has been awarded the best corporate trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki 2 years in a row. This is a remarkable achievement par excellence by all standards in the L&D industry

Leads a unique flagship program:

Mr. Vivek Bindra leads a unique flagship program of corporate success through the “Bhagavad Gita”. This is a signature program of Mr.Bindra which he has pioneered in India and delivers succinct lectures and crisp management principles for cutting edge success in the modern day

Author of 10 High power motivational books:

Mr. Vivek Bindra has authored more than 10 high power motivational books. From leadership to inspiration to sales, Mr. Bindra has scripted an indelible success story through his prolific writings. Mr. Bindra’s books are available at all leading bookstores across the country and can also be purchased online.

Videos are being viewed in 190 Countries on YouTube:

Mr. Vivek Bindra’s videos are popularly viewed across 190 Countries. He has more than 3 million viewers and more than 77,000 subscribers’ base across the globe

Awarded as The Best Motivational Speaker in India by the "International Association of Lions Club":

Mr. Vivek Bindra has been awarded as the best motivational speaker in India by the “International Association of Lions Club”. This is a chosen accolade amongst many other honours being conferred upon him.

Acclaimed Executive Coach For over 100 Top CEO’s in India:

Mr.Vivek Bindra is a chosen coach for the top 100 CEOs in India and abroad. Mr. Bindra has been instrumental in success coaching of several big game industrial leaders in India and beyond contributing to their glorious achievements.

Honored with The Rotary Excellence Award:

Mr. Vivek Bindra has been touching the lives of thousands of individuals through his motivational and inspiring speeches. He has been conferred upon with the prestigious Rotary Excellence Award for his exceptional work.

More than a Million People Follow his Work Worldwide:

Mr. Vivek Bindra has a serious fan following across the globe. Millions are hooked to his fiery, deeply inspiring and passionately motivating speeches and sermons. He has turned around many failing and falling lives and has helped them live their lives in a more meaningful and constructive manner

World Record Training for Largest Gathering of HR Professionals:

Mr. Vivek Bindra set a world record in training when the world’s largest HR conclave was held in India and more than 800+ HR professionals gathered under one roof across all business domains. This event found a place in the “Golden book of World Records” for this outstanding feat

Recognized with India’s greatest brands and leaders 2015-2016:

This became another precious jewel in the crown of Mr. Vivek Bindra when he was honored with India’s greatest brands and leaders 2015-2016 award in a ceremonial function hosted by Price Waterhouse Coopers

More than a Million People Follow his Work Worldwide:

He has travelled & trained in more than 25 Countries